Project setup for development (Docker)

git clone
cd filegator
docker compose -f docker-compose-dev.yml up

Once everything is ready visit: http://localhost:8080 and login as admin/admin123, Ctrl+c to stop.

See docker-compose-dev.yml for more informations about configurations and dependencies.

Project setup for development (Linux)

You must have git, php, npm, and composer installed.

git clone
cd filegator
cp configuration_sample.php configuration.php
chmod -R 775 private/
chmod -R 775 repository/
composer install --ignore-platform-reqs
npm install
npm run build

Compiles and hot-reloads

The following command will launch backend and frontend on ports 8081 and 8080:

npm run serve

Once everything is ready visit: http://localhost:8080

Run tests & static analysis

Testing requires xdebug, php-zip and sqlite php extensions.

vendor/bin/phpstan analyse ./backend
npm run lint
npm run test:e2e


Set the website document root to filegator/dist directory. This is also known as 'public' folder.

NOTE: For security reasons filegator/dist is the ONLY folder you want to be exposed through the web. Everything else should be outside of your web root, this way people can’t access any of your important files through the browser. If you run the script from the root folder, you will see the message 'Development mode' as a security warning.